Bridgewater Soccer Assn


Our program offers top level teaching, skills training and coaching in preparation for all levels of competition. We accomplish these goals with strong commitment from all club members. In addition, BSA provides all club members with professional trainers to further advance the skills of our soccer players.

Dan Adams is currently the Director of Coaching at Bridgewater Soccer Academy and is in charge of all philosophy and capabilities of our trainers.

While Dan has been with BSA for 18 years, he originally is from Kent, England has been coaching in NJ for the past 16 years. He previously spent 7 years teaching and coaching in the U.K. and also has over 30 years of playing experience.

Dan holds the following Certificates, Qualifications and Licenses:

The English FA Coaching Certificate US National Youth License | NSCAA Advanced National Diploma | The English FA Futsal Certificate | The English FA Psychology for Soccer Certificate | The English FA Key Stage 2 Coaching Certificate | NSCAA Youth Diploma | The English FA Child Protection Certificate